Fix My Partner!

by Guest Blogger on September 22, 2014

Guest post by Stacey MartinoPartner Fixing Business 200x300 Fix My Partner!

Nope!  I am Not in the Partner-Fixing Business! icon wink Fix My Partner!

Do you find yourself thinking or saying, “This is not the man I married?” or “He’s so different now”? Or, maybe, “It is all her fault!” or “This is not the woman I fell in love with!” or even “She changed”?

I hear this all the time. People come to me with these responses and ask me to fix their partner! First, let me just say that, while that hat and those tools look cute, I am not in the “partner-fixing” business icon wink Fix My Partner!

If you are feeling that your partner has changed or that they are not the person you fell in love with…you are right! Everyone changes, we all know that. Some changes are positive and take us closer to the life we desire, while other changes are destructive and cause pain.

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Well Being Wednesday Number 38

by Laurie Erdman on September 17, 2014

Emptiness is a sign of dehydration of the body and spirit. Hydrate with water and love and you will feel full.

Slide38 Well Being Wednesday Number 38


Well Being Wednesday Number 37

September 10, 2014

We block our abundance by focusing on doing and over effort. We make way for flow by focusing on being and ease.

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Why Financial Health is a Critical Part of Inviting Abundance into Your Life

September 8, 2014

Guest post by Beth Marshall There’s an amazing conversation going on in our world about how to create, attract, and invite abundance into our lives – are you a part of it? Sadly, my experience as a financial coach tells me that most people want abundance in their lives, yet they are not in the […]

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Well Being Wednesday Number 36

September 3, 2014

The cure for sluggishness is to hydrate with water and solitude.

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