The Secret To A Better, More Fulfilling Career or What Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Kris Carr Have In Common

by Laurie Erdman on July 30, 2012

IMG 0378 The Secret To A Better, More Fulfilling Career or What Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Kris Carr Have In CommonPeople who are fit and healthy are paid more, get better positions and are more satisfied in their work. It doesn’t seem fair that our looks, our health or anything about our body should influence our career success. But it does, even when discrimination is not a factor.

In fact, there is good news in this. It means we can control our career destiny.

Treat Your Body Like An Asset And Watch Your Career Or Business Skyrocket

These are the facts. Workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher pay on average than their sedentary counterparts, according to research by Vasilios Kosteas of Cleveland State University published earlier this year. A 2005 study found that men and women who are of healthy weight have significantly greater net worth than those with body mass indices in the overweight or obese range.
Those whom have reviewed these studies say discipline is the distinguishing factor between wealth and poverty. Yes, discipline is a factor. But discipline overlooks the real underlying mechanism going on here.

Look at some of the most successful people – Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Kris Carr, Russell Simmons and many more. They all have two things in common: they love what they do and they view their body and health as their most important career asset.

Like any asset, to get the best return on investment, you must care for that asset. Consider your house. It requires maintenance, upkeep and improvements to keep you comfortable. Your body is no different. Whether a house or your body, investment of time and resources is necessary for you to be happy in your life.

What Robbins, Carr and others know is that a healthy body results in a more productive, focused, engaged and therefore successful person. Sounds like an employer’s dream employee.

Seriously, what employer or client doesn’t want to work with someone who is energized, focused, and gets stuff done? Would you hire a doctor who is strung out on caffeine to conduct brain surgery?  Of course not. Why would your employer or prospective client do the same?

This is actually empowering news. When you treat your body like an asset, you bring all your skills and talents to your career or business and your satisfaction rises.

When I changed my diet and lifestyle in response to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, one of the many side effects was greater satisfaction and performance at work. My job hadn’t changed, but I had. I had more mental energy and more physical energy. I was able to work faster because I wasn’t weighed down with brain fog. All of the sudden I was one of those people leaving the office at a reasonable hour, instead of slogging away past dark. I can tell you it was brilliant.

Today I challenge you to shift your paradigm from “my body is not keeping up” to “how can I invest in my body so it serves my life vision?” Then click here to tweet about it.

3 Ways to Invest In Your Bodily Asset

Congratulations. You’ve set your intention. What now?

If you are wanting to improve your performance at work, don’t work harder, don’t even work smarter, instead invest in your health; invest in your body. Here are 3 health tips you can use today to affect your job performance or business bottom line:

1. Get 8 hours sleep a night. If you aren’t sleeping at home, then you are sleeping at work. Whether its brain fog or afternoon cat naps, you are not bringing your best to your work without 8 hours of sleep to support you. Have trouble sleeping? Try taking the herb valerian an hour before bedtime. Also try these quick get more sleep tips.

2. Get off the cranky caffeine express. Caffeine not only disrupts your sleep patterns but makes you cranky and foggy when you don’t get your fix. Do you really want to snap at your boss or your biggest client just because you didn’t get your grande latte? Missing out on a promotion just doesn’t seem worth the price. Fueling your career and life off excess caffeine also depletes your adrenals, disrupts your sleep and leads to osteoporosis. A word of caution: its never good to go cold turkey on the caffeine. Wean yourself off by transitioning to green tea and decaf coffee. Start your morning with water and lemon juice so you can alkalize to energize.

3. Go green. Without coffee you may wonder where you are going to get your energy to be this more productive, clear thinking, ladder climbing employee. For a quick energy and clarity boost turn to the green juice. As coffee is an intravenous shot to your adrenal glands, green juice is an intravenous shot of fuel to every cell in your body allowing each cell to produce the best quality, sustainable energy available on earth. Find a recipe you like and indulge. Your cells, your brain, your adrenal glands, your boss or clients and your pocketbook will thank you.

We are meant to serve. We are also meant to be happy.  They should not be mutually exclusive. While green juice won’t make a bad job good, these three tips will help you relate to your job and life better and find the best in your day. Who knows, your boss might just notice that new skip in your step and make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Get out there, invest in your body. And share below what you will do today to invest in your future.


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